The Kitewing is a wing-shaped kite. Due to its shape, it’s often simply called “the wing.” You can use Kitewing with your skis, snowboard, mountainboard, skates or in-line skates. Users often report that it’s like an exciting combination of kite surfing and wind surfing. The WaveWarrior is a Kitewing made for use on the water. When combined with a board, users experience the thrilling sensations of surfing and kiteboarding simultaneously.


Why Choose A Kitewing...

Here are a few reasons why:

  • They are economical since one size covers several kite or windsurfing rig sizes
  • Easy and fast to learn the basics
  • Very safe to learn and use even in crowded areas
  • Totally depowerable - you are holding the wind
  • No hassle with lines and no assistance needed to launch in any weather conditions
  • Safer than kiteboarding or kitesurfing
  • New tricks are invented all the time - providing lots of challenge
  • Easy to transport - they're no bigger than a ski bag!
  • Allow for perfect control - which make it easier to perform extreme tricks
  • Is truly an ALL SEASON sport! The variety of riding grounds is so diverse
  • It's fast and it's fun

Limitless Possibilities.

Snow, Ice, Sand, Surf, Water, and Air! With the Kitewing you can take your riding experience as far as your imagination will go.  From beginners to pros, kids to adults, the Kitewing has something new to offer everyone. It's easy to learn and fun to use!

Compare and Buy your KiteWing

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